8 types of Cyberbullying

There are many different types of cyberbullying, and all of them can be harmful to children and adolescents.
We tell you different types of cyberbullying that can be harmful for all children and adolescents.
8 types of Cyberbullying
Here are eight types of online bullying:
  1. Fraping:- Fraping is a serious crime in which the crooks hack the victim’s social media account and harm their personal information and reputation. Once a problem like frapping occurs, it is very difficult to get out because it is difficult to remove after social posts.
  2. Outing:- Outing is a cyberbullying in which a person intentionally humiliates himself in public, posting embarrassing information online through images, videos. This information has a serious and permanent effect on the victims.
  3. Trolling:- Trolling is also very serious cyber bullying through which cyber criminals humiliate victims online and it provokes them to get angry with them. These attacks are mostly personal, which severely affect the behavior of the victim to get out.
  4. Dising:- When dissing occurs, crooks post brutal online social information, screenshots, personal photos, videos about a victim to break their friendship or reputation with the victim. This information is mostly the friend or acquaintance of the victim and he only posts it. Cyber criminals lied to spread information about the victims by creating web pages to hurt the victims through dissing.
  5. Trickery:- It is such a bullying in which the cyber criminal gains trust by becoming the first friend of the victim so that he can misuse his embarrassing information or secret and then post it on the internet. The main function of miscreants is to gain the trust of the victims.
  6. Sockpuppets:- When a cyber criminal harms victims with the help of a fake social media account and pretends to gain their trust with this help, it is called a “sockpuppet” fraud. Through this, he hacks the victim’s personal information such as social account details, email details, photos, videos etc. and threatens to share these information with other people.
  7. Doxing:- In this, you have to keep your important documents and protect them because the cyber criminal misuses the documents of the victims and this happens when he has to avenge the victim. This is called “doxing”. This personal information, bank details such as account number, credit / debit card, personal information is shared with others.
  8. Encouraging self-harm or Harassment:- This is the worst type of cyber bullying because cyber crime can cause a suicide-like situation in the victims, in which the victim is unable to do anything again and falls victim to it.
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