Guidelines to Use Pandora on your Mobile

Here are the easy guidelines to sign up, create stations, and listen to music on Pandora from your mobile:
Stepwise guidelines to Use Pandora on your phone:
Step 1: Install Pandora app on your mobile
Pandora app is available on Google Play Store of Android, App Store of iPhone, Windows Phone Store as well as on Amazon Appstore. And the app is free to download. To install it on your phone, go to your device store and download it from there.
Step 2: Sign in or make an account on Pandora
When installation of Pandora app is complete, launch the app. If you already have a Pandora account then proceed to log in section and enter your Pandora account’s email and password and then log in.
If you do not have an account, then click on ‘Register for free’ to sign up for an account and fill the information to complete the sign-up process.
Step 3: Create a new station
• Tap on ‘+ Create Station’ at the top of the screen.
• Enter a song, artist or genre name you like into the field to create a station similar to your search. You can create a more new station and edit your current station when you want.
Step 4: Play your first station
Play your first station. Pandora will analyze your choice and create a playlist of your taste.
Step 5: Like the music to listen to a similar type of music.
Touch on the ‘Like’ (Thumbs-up) icon button of the music you like to tell Pandora about your choice. As you like a song, Pandora will edit your Playlists and add similar music to it.
Step 6: Dislike the music to remove it from your Pandora playlist.
If you don’t like a song, then tap the ‘Dislike’ (Thumbs-down) icon button of the music to skip the song. And this will not only skip the song but also tell Pandora to remove similar tracks from your playlist and play less music similar to it in future.
Step 7: To change stations, tap the ‘Like’ icon (Thumbs-up) button in the top right corner of the page.
Tapping on ‘Like’ icons will open the station’s page. On the station’s page you’ll see recent music, songs you’ve liked or unlike, add variety options, and edit the playlist’s descriptions.
• Open ‘Session History’ and select a song to give a rating or edit the previous rating.
• Tap on ‘+ Add Variety’ button to add new music, songs, genre to the playlist.
• Tap on ‘Station Settings’ to edit the name or add a description of a playlist.
• Tap on the ‘box’ at the top-right corner to save the changes you had made and return to your station.
Step 8: Tap on the ‘Back Arrow’ button on the upper-left corner of the Station screen.
Tapping on the back arrow button will take you back to the main menu. From here you can add a new station or change your stations. If you want to edit or remove a station, slide the station you want to make changes toward the right side. That’s all! Create a playlist of your choice and enjoy your loved music on your phone — one thing you’ve to remember that there is a limit for skipping the songs. You can only skip six tracks from a station into an hour. In a single day, you are able to skip up to 24 songs only. Skipping will count on the basis of keys (Next, Thumbs down, or I’m tired of this song) you use to pass over the music.
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