8 Reasons Why Your Website Have High Bounce Rate

Bounce rate means when a visitor comes to your website in a moment or your page goes without loading, it is called a bounce rate.
1. Slow page speed
The first reason for increasing bounce rate on your website is slow page speed. In this, when a user opens your website, it takes a lot of time to load the page of your site, so the user leaves your site because the user who takes more time to open the site, then the user cannot wait so much Fast speed sites are preferred and Google and Bing search engines also prefer fast speed sites.
According to the Google ranking algorithm, page speed should be between 0-3 seconds. You can check the speed of your page on the Pingdom tool.
2. Write informative and useful content
Another reason for increasing bounce rate on your website is the lack of informative and useful content. Bounce rate is bound to increase if you place content on some other topic or use inappropriate content instead of writing the content on it. The user needs content that is understandable in plain language and not boring. Therefore, you should make your content simple and easy to understand.
3. Heading tag and short paragraph missing
If your website does not have heading tags and instead of placing short paragraphs, you will write content together in the same paragraph, then the user will be caught from your website, which will definitely increase the bounce rate. To reduce the bounce rate, your site’s page should be appropriate and organized when your bounce rate is low.
4. Website Page not in systematically
In order to increase the bounce rate, the page does not have to be arranged in order, when there are fewer pages in your website and it will not be in the right order, then the user will get confused because he will not understand which page is according to step wise. Google will definitely note this point, so keep these things in mind.
5. Website having high data
If you have used high data in the website such as image, audio, video, file, then it will take more time to load and the bounce rate will definitely increase. By having more multimedia content, your website will not show up properly and it neither suggests Google nor does the user like it, so if possible, use less multimedia content.
6. Poor UI/UX interface
The main reason for increasing bounce rate is the poor UI / UX interface. According to the Google ranking algorithm, the UI / UX interface is preferred in the website, visitors who visit the site whose UI / UX interface will be good. Because the visitor must like the site. Because if there are poor design and animation, then this problem will increase.
Therefore to make the UI / UX interface good, it is necessary to have good design and animation. The site should be responsive.
7. Using CSS and Java script files more in website
The more you use the CSS and Java script file in the website, the lower the website speed will be. CSS and Java script files consume more data in your site so avoid them. Use HTML files more because Google and Bing search engines give more priority to HTML website, it makes your website fast and gets indexed quickly in search engines.
8. Using Ads in Website
If you are using advertisements in the website, then neither Google and Bing mean nor visitor. They have nothing to do with your advertisement. So if you can, don’t use them.
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